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HI all,
On Thursday 31 May 2007 19:26, Fazer wrote:
you can also try

eject -m

-m -- do not unmount device even if it is mounted

I'll try this the next time it happens. To go futher into it, problems are
normally when the CD will not read correctly and the system just keeps trying
and trying to read the CD. I can kill the program, but somewhere the system
is still trying to read, there does not seem to be a timeout.


BTW, thanks to everyone that helps on this list, you guys are great!

Dnia czwartek 31 maj 2007, G T Smith napisał:
James Hatridge wrote:
Hi all,

Sometimes I have a CD/DVD go bad etc and it will not come out of the CD
reader. As root I try the eject command and it will not work saying
that the CD is busy. So far I've ended up rebooting to get the !"§$ CD
out. Is there a way to force the eject command to work without



Not clear whether this is when burning or when reading, and which
applications you are having a problem with.

If it is a data CD try manually unmounting before ejecting.

It this fails this most likely means the device is still in use by the
application or a process of the application that you last accessed the
CD/DVD with. Close the application if possible. If the application has
crashed it is possible that the process accessing the device is still
running in the background. Use ps to find the process and kill it.
Cannot really give info on what to look for without further details.

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