[opensuse] Re: router DHCP suddenly not talking to one machine (10.1)

Carlos F Lange wrote:
On Tue June 5 2007 07:33, Rainer Brinkmann wrote:
Perhaps the cable dropped down.

No cable problem. That is exactly what is killing me. The lights on the
router are on (also when I changed ports and cable) and when I reboot
into Windows the DHCP servers hands out the usual IP address
immediately. It is only in Linux, after it worked with this network
card for 2 days, that the problem happens. There is no error message on
the router, and the logs in /var/log only indicate that the network is
down and that the DHCP client is still waiting.

What else can I try?



I once experienced the exact same problem. For the heart of it I could
not find out why it did not work in Linux while it worked in Windows and
did work in Linux, before. (it was a dlink-530, I believe).

What made it work in Linux:
1. Take out the board
2. Start Linux with no network card installed and delete anything that
might have been left over (I did that in yast)
3. Start Linux, once again and see, whether there REALLY is NO network
card detected and no remaining settings.
4. install the card physically, once again
5. Fire up Linux and let it autodetect the network card.

I cannot guarantee anything, but it did the trick for me.

If anything else fails I would install a different network card and see,
how this works. After all, network boards for desktop usage nowadays are
a commoditiy, more or less.

kind regards

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