Re: [opensuse] Reiserfs unstable under load using large LV

On Thursday 07 June 2007 13:29, James Knott wrote:
Carlos E. R. wrote:
The Thursday 2007-06-07 at 10:12 +0200, Morten Bjørnsvik wrote:
Maybe that was a fact years ago with immature releases pre 2.4.19


That is _NOT_ true now. XFS is probably the most stressed filesystem
on the planet. Most Hollywood studio backbones and linux

workstations runs xfs.

It's only drawback is delete which is slow by design, because it has to
traverse the inodes to figure out which blocks to delete and not a

direct hashed


Slow? It is the faster deleting large files, almost instantaneous. So
so that it is recomended for use with mythtv for that very reason.

I've used the xfs_repair, xfsdump, xfsrestore and xfs_db tools


I've had lots of bad blocks, zeroed inodes and other disk failures.

I've almost

everytime managed to restore most of the data on the disk.

I have an unrepairable xfs partition that crashes xfs_repair every time,
with a bug report.

FWIW, I recently tried installing Ubuntu and thought I'd try XFS for a
change. I got a warning message that GRUB has problems with XFS, so I
went with JFS on the boot partition instead and XFS on /home.

Use <>

Never had any problems with XFS.
As people have stated; it cashes alot, so if you are unlucky and get at power
out at the wrong moment, the filesystem MAY corrupt.
But so far i have been lucky i guess. Even with power outs i havent had any
trashed drives (yet)

XFS is fast, reliable and scales well, or so i have read.
And besides; SGI wouldnt use it if it werent stable...


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