[opensuse] Change default search option on opensuse?

At the minute, if you enter something into the search box, and press Return,
you get the page that fits your search entry, eg enter "apache", and you get
http://en.opensuse.org/Apache. This "title search" is the default option.

However, there may be more pages on the wiki that deal with Apache, and not
all of those may be linked to the Apache page. Clicking the "fulltext
search" gives a wider range of pages, and a better indication of how much
information there might be on that topic in the wiki.

Is there any possibility of making "fulltext search" the default, or at any
rate putting some sort of indicator like "You will get references to more
pages if you use fulltext search" directly under the search box?

I know that it is possible to add any new Apache pages to the
http://en.opensuse.org/Apache page, but this may not be optimal if the new
page does not fit well into the thrust of the existing page.

I've added a reference to a new Subversion page I've done to the existing
Subversion page, and while there I noticed that Subversion is categorised as
an "Internet Application", whereas it might be more reasonably placed
under "Development" or "Versioning Applications". There is a category for
the former (and for "Developer Tools"), but not for the latter. I don't want
to start too much fiddling around with the layout, however - who has the
final say-so on layout, ie is there a "wikimaster"?

Also, is there any reason why the openSUSE Community pages
(http://opensuse-community.org) aren't prominently linked to on the
openSUSE.org front page? Again, I could make this edit, but I don't want to
step on anyone's toes.

Which raises the question, I suppose, of whether new pages should go on
opensuse.org or opensuse-community.org ....

Pob hwyl / Best wishes

Kevin Donnelly

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