Re: [opensuse] Linux/CUPS/Samba Printer Configuration - again

Darryl Gregorash wrote:
On 2007-06-18 08:35, Daniel Feiglin wrote:


This issue has been done to death on the Web, but I'm not sure where the
following derivative problem belongs:

I have an openSUSE 10.2 "vanilla" installation with Samba set up as a
server for my Windows work group, with all Win 2K clients. The Linux
system is fully patched. I have a parallel port HP printer attached to
the Linux box - which works fine, locally. CUPS operates as expected,
without problems.

When I try to print something from a Win 2K client, say a browser page -
there is a flurry of activity on the net (from the blinking lights on
the hub) - and then, nothing.

As of Win2K, I believe you do not need to use Samba to print to a Linux
network printer. Configure the printer in CUPS to allow network
connections (this should actually be the default behaviour), and
configure the printers in Windows to use a Unix-style (IPP) connection.
If you are running a firewall on the server, you may need to open the
IPP port (name ipp or number 631).

Right on!

That solved the problem - actually bypassing it.

There are a few details Darryl did not include, which I offer, for
anyone else with the same problem:
1. You need to ensure that the printer is set up for sharing. SUSE/CUPS
does this by default in an openSUSE installation.
2. In Win 2K (and presumably later) you set up the printer as a network
printer with its own URL.
3. You get the URL this way:
If you have your Linux box set up as a Web server (say with Apache):
a. From Win, enter the following URL in a browser:
<my_linux_box_ip>:631/printers. This displays the CUPS Web
administration dialog for selecting a printer. Click the one you want.
b. Copy the resulting URL from the browser to the URL box in 2. above.
If you are not set up as a Web server, then
a. Run the CUPS administrator on the Linux box, and go to Printers.
Click the printer you want to use as the network printer.
b. Manually copy the URL that you see, replacing the IP address with the network IP address of your server into the URL box of
step 2. above.
4. Complete the Win printer wizard (you may need to install a driver
along the way).
5. Open the IPP port in the firewall as Darryl says.

Bingo! You're in business.


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