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James Knott wrote:
Jerry Houston wrote:
James Knott wrote:
I have never had Windows as my main OS on my home computer. I've
only got it on my ThinkPad, which I also installed SUSE on. At home,
I went from DOS to OS/2, over 15 years ago and then to Linux, about 5
years ago. Whenever I have to use Windows, I feel restricted because
it's very limiting compared to Linux or OS/2.

Incredible. I'm a fan of Linux, too (else, why would I be here?), but
if you think Windows is limiting compared with OS/2, you must be using
a 15-year-old copy of Windows!

Have you actually used OS/2? Have you compare the WPS with any other
desktop, including Linux? Have you investigated the power of the object
oriented system that's far beyond what Windows can do? Then there's the
excellent multitasking, that 15 years ago, was far better than what
Windows can do today. It's a long, long list, for those who actually
learned to use the advantages of OS/2.

Yeah, I used to drive my boss crazy at a prior employers because I insisted
on using OS/2 instead of Windows. It was a pretty brilliant OS for its time,
and the Emacs port is still nearly unmatched in its versatility. I think it
could have gone a long way with more support.

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