Re: [opensuse] Locked out of my software database!

Darryl Gregorash wrote:
On 2007-06-30 19:13, John E. Perry wrote:

(Thanks, Ken, I did know better than to follow Daniel's advice on kill
-9, although I have in the past gone straight from kill to kill -9.
I'll have to read up on kill to see what -1 is).

1 is a HUP -- "kill -l" will print a list of all signals.

and SIGKILL, all of which seem to be closely related. So I still have
some reading to do to understand it and know what to do (as opposed to
following blindly the advice of people who maybe really know what's
going on :-).

Wait a minute! there's no description of kill with no parameter. and
man, as usual, has no useful information.

More googling, I guess.


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