Re: [opensuse] Is the list OK ?

On Monday 09 July 2007 04:28, Bob S wrote:
Hi SuSE people,

Is the list OK ? The day before yesterday I only received a total of 12
messages. Yesterday received only 18. Today I received only 43.

Just me?

Bob S.

I think it is fine. I have my list folder set to autoexpire messages after 6
months, and for about 3 weeks now, I have noticed a daily reduction in the
number of messages it holds. I think that beyond it being summer, there are 2
factors at work:

1] 10.2 seems to be a good release, so folk are having relatively few issues,
and we are a fair way into the release cycle

2] Because of spam, I think people are less likely to sign up to and remain
with email based lists such as this - preferring to use web based bulletin
boards. Certainly, when I move house shortly, and change ISP, I won't sign up
in the way I used to.
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