[opensuse] yast2, can't edit "Installation_Source"...

Hello Family,

I run SuSE-10.2 on multiple machines/laptops and on one box I cannot
seem to edit the "Installation Source" to change from my initial NFS
install to another source. It affects everything, software package
adds too.


I recall years ago, YAST having a standard text file that you could
edit vs using the TAST console system. Can I still do that, if not
can I somehow uninstall and reinstall the YAST-2 engine?

Did a check on the packages and there is alot of "yast" based
rpms... too many to sort thru.


Bill Schoolcraft <*> http://wiliweld.com

"Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday,
lying in hospitals dying of nothing."
-- Redd Foxx
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