Re: [opensuse] openSUSE 10.2 Update package store location?

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Peter Van Lone wrote:
On 7/17/07, G T Smith <grahamsmith@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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Sunny wrote:
On 7/17/07, Hylton Conacher (ZR1HPC) <hylton@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I would like to reload the entire system from scratch but do not
want to
have to re-download all the patches I have already downloaded.

I think the OP is after something slightly different, a re-install +
apply changes made to original but NOT to move the current location.

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actually, I think what OP wants is to define an update source that
utilizes the already downloaded patches/updates that have been applied
to the existing system.

Agreed, maybe I phrased it poorly but I was referring to what I inferred
the final intent to be ... The dd option to my mind does not do what is

Well I believe most (but not all) updates are deltas of the package on
the system. With multiple cumulative updates probably the most effective
way to restore these changes is to record the difference between the
original distributed file and the current status of the file. I think
but cannot be certain this is what the YaST System Backup Tool is doing
(which is possibly one of the reasons it takes so long to run, it also
does checksums on contents which problems does not help speed). This
tool is also tied into the Auto Installation Tool technology in ways I
have yet to completely figure out.

He figures that the downloaded updates are stored *somewhere* on the
drive, and would like to use THOSE as the update repo, so that he does
not have to download them all again, after he re-installs.

YaST does keep a record of the patches installed but I do not think it
keeps a copy of the patch RPMs unless requested to (and I vaguely
remember something about a bug which stops this from working anyway).

I have no idea whether it is possible, or how to do it ... and I'm
interested to learn along with him the answer.

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