[opensuse] KDM: Cannot log in as regular user

Hi all, something strange has happened. My SUSE 10.0 machine was
working well for many moons, but today I had to reboot to try
some BIOS setting changes. After restoring the BIOS setting to
what it was and booting up the system I was no longer able to log
in via the KDM login screen. After typing in the user name and
password, the screen blanks for a moment and the login screen reappears.
I can log in as root into KDE, though. Also, I tried various GUI
environments other than KDE (fvwm, twm , etc.) and the same problem
happens. The only environment that I could successfully log in as
a normal user is "failsafe".

After logging in under failsafe, if I type the "startkde" command
then KDE starts fine. If I close the failsafe terminal window then
my whole session gets logged out.

I don't see anything obviously wrong in the log files. I also
tried removing everything in /tmp and /var/tmp to clean up the
KDE temporary stuff, but it didn't help.

Any suggestions how to fix this? I googled and it seems this
problem has affected others too, but none of the suggested fixes
works for me.


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