Re: [opensuse] RE: Damaged Master Boot Record

Registration Account wrote:
I have 3 HDD in my PC. No matter which Disk I partition
to be the boot drive via the GUI Partitioner, I cannot
boot the PC from HDD. I am sure the MBR is corrupted -
I am using GRUB with NO NTFS Partitions. I cannot find
many clear directions on how to re-write the MBR. Can
some one please help me with a few clear directions on
how to correct this - Perhaps after replying to me you
might like to consider writing a SDB page on this as
there is little info on this
Thanks Scott

Boot from your opensuse install disk. Select 'installation' (you will
not do a complete install). Select your language, accept license. At
that point select 'other options>repair installed system'. Then select
'expert options', then 'install new boot loader'. That should do it.

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