Re: [opensuse] Who said Linux doesnot get Virus infections

On Tuesday 07 August 2007 16:50, Hans van der Merwe wrote:

She was all freaked out about some phishing emails she got and
thought for sure she was infected. (My son had launched AMOR and
had dropped her wireless mouse receiver behind the desk. As a
result, her mouse movements were jerky and there was this smiling
face on the screen. She was sure that was due to the "viruses"
she'd obtained.)

Keep in mind - unless you're stupid enough to run as root all the
time, the worst that can happen is someone may get into your local
files or fire off an email.

Why is this not an issue with anyone? Deleting a normal users data
is a big thing. They consider the PC broken if their files

Because my personal files are all backed up. And I don't know how else
it can be explained. It basically takes 3 actions for the virus to
work. One it has to get on the system. Two - someone has to make it
executable. three - then you have to execute it. It's that simple. If
you do all three of those things, you deserve whatever you get. I mean
the you in the figurative sense not personal. I doubt a noob would know
how to make the file executable. They'll click on it and when nothing
happens it's deleted

And if you fall for a phishing email, that started this thread, then you
are in the same boat as the guy that made the virus file executable.


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