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On 2007/08/24 01:26 (GMT+0800) Zhang Weiwu apparently typed:

在 2007-08-23四的 10:33 -0400,Felix Miata写�:

On 2007/08/23 21:58 (GMT+0800) Zhang Weiwu apparently typed:

After installed additional 320GB harddisk to my desktop computer which
used to have OpenSuSE 10.2 installed on single harddisk (80GB),
naturally I prefer using the new and fast harddisk for '/' and use the
old and slow harddisk for data only (e.g. /var)

So, using fdisk I preserved space for '/' on the new harddisk, and use
'rsync -ravxD' to move all data from old '/' to the new partition on new
harddisk. Next step is to make the new harddisk bootable, I did by
# grub
root (hd1,1)
setup (hd1)

Then I set hd1 to be the booting harddisk in my BOIS settings. Reboot. I
didn't see the usual grub booting process, I see some random ascii code
displayed on screen, ending with a smiling face, and stops there.

I thought it should be simple: 1) copy everything to the new partition
on new harddisk (I did with rsync) and 2) make it bootable.

Did I miss anything?

I think there may be 3 problems here:

1-I don't see any step that caused hd1,1 to become an active partition
2-I don't see any step that caused hd1 to contain boot code in the MBR
3-setting the BIOS to make hd1 the boot device ahead of hd0 effectively
transforms hd1 into hd0, and hd0 into hd1. If you can get so far as a grub
prompt, you may need to use the map command as described on , and should be helpful.

Thank you all for all the suggestions. From the feedback it seems my
logic isn't wrong (rsync files, install grub). Everyone suggest I didn't
install grub properly.

I do think I've installed grub on the right harddisk because
I. before installing grub I boot with new harddisk would get 'No
Operating System'
II. but after I installed grub using posted commands I boot with new
harddisk and gets random junk ascii code.

I'd think incorrect root setting for grub is not the problem: because
grub didn't start to load stage 1 and 1.5 yet (from my understanding of
tldp document, 'root' setting of grub affect after 1.5 stage and if it's
set wrong I can always correct it from grub menu)

Felix Miata asked if I take any step to make hd1,1 the active partition.
I simply didn't because I thought (from my understanding of documents,
the problem is often I understand the wrong way..) setting active
partition is need only if I use standard MBR and install grub on a
partition. In my original post I have installed it in MBR.

I don't know how I managed to misread that way, as clearly 'setup (hd1)' is
to the MBR of HD #2. Sorry.

I tried to boot the system using my live CD (I happen to have an GNUStep
live CD) and run grub from live CD, do the setup to install grub on hd1.
Result is still second (new) harddisk not able to boot (still random
ascii code displayed). So I didn't fix this yet.

On looking at this some more I wonder of the partition structure of both
original and new disk. If the kernels, stage1, stage1.5 & stage2 are on the
first disk partition, then you should have used 'root (hd1,0)' and not 'root
(hd1,1)'. What does 'fdisk -l <devicename>' run against each disk report? Is
your swap on the first partition of each? Do you have a separate /boot
partition on each?
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