[opensuse] Problems unmounting optical Disks (DVD/CD)


I am having problem unmounting optical disks. I receive the following error:

The KDE mediamanager is not running.
media:///sr0 cannot be found.

I have also tried the force option on the unmount comand and received an error
device busy. I can access media:/sr0 through Konqueror and when I enter
media:///sr0 in Konqueror it redirects me to media:/sr0. Services Manager in
kcontrol does indicate the KDED Media Manager is running. Is there a document
that explains how the whole mechanism for mounting media under KDE? How is it
setup? How can I customize it to work for me? For a front end I am using the
media applet. I do not know what other application are involved with this
function udev, ... Can someone point me to the documentation? I have look
through the KDE manuals but have not found any information at the system
level. For example how do I change media:///sr0 to media:/sr0 (I am not even
sure if this is necessary)

I have been using open source os for nine years (FreeBSD for most of that
time) I have been sticking with the mount and umount at the CLI. The
automount function in my laptop just seem to work both. This current system,
running OpenSUSE 10.2, has been a nightmare one problem after another.

Thank You

PS I have search google for this error and did not find a solution.
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