Re: [opensuse] No Windows Decorations

Le Vendredi 24 Août 2007 11:14, Hans van der Merwe a écrit :
On Fri, 2007-08-24 at 14:12 +0530, CyberOrg wrote:
On 8/24/07, Hans van der Merwe <hvdmerwe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
If its the new compiz fusion stuff - 0.5.2 - then kde-window-decorator
crashes about 4 times a day on me - I have a icon on my tray that
restarts it!
Still bit unstable.

Could you please file a bug report with backtrace of
kde-window-decorator crashes.



Anytime. How do I get backtrace? gdb?

I can now reliably crash it by opening up OpenOffice.


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Same behaviour here,

EACH time I fire up OpenOffice, the window decorator crash.
This apart, it crashes time to time with no evident causes (at least to me).
I have the same question as Hans, I would be glad to fill up a bug report but
HOW (and how get the kde-window-decorator backtrace ?).

Thank you
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