[opensuse] Mobile e-mail solution? [Was: creating a PDF from firefox?]

If you don't mind losing some of the features that Gmail has to offer I think
Thunderbird 2.0 has support with Gmail. I not to sure though, its been a
while sense I used Thunderbird.

I use gmail because on a daily basis I check e-mail from my house PC,
my office PC, and my cell (Mot-Q).

I toyed with Squirrelmail once as a company solution and decided
against it at the time.

I am running a linux desktop at work now for the first time, so I
could conceivably setup a small single user e-mail server for myself
and then access it locally at work and remotely as needed.

Are there any solutions that would truly be easier than just
continuing to use gmail.

Greg Freemyer
Litigation Triage Solutions Specialist

The Norcross Group
The Intersection of Evidence & Technology
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