Re: [opensuse] Ext3 vs Reiser FS

Hello Buddy,

This is a link with descriptions of Linux file systems by Novell/SuSE
it's not recent but still valid.


Joop Boonen.

bcoffey@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
I am about to install openSuSE 10.2 on two new computers and see that the
10.2 default file system is ext3 and not Reiser. I'd like some advice as
whether to accept the ext3 default or to go with Reiser as I have in the

I have two 500 GB SATA II drives. My programs do lots of file I/O and can
generate files as large as 15-20 GB in some of my scientific applications.

Any advice you could give is greatly appreciated.

Buddy Coffey
Applied Research Associates
Computational and Applied Electromagnetics

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