Re: [opensuse] Script fails for unknown reason

Theo v. Werkhoven wrote:
Thu, 13 Sep 2007, by joe@xxxxxxxxxx:

Theo v. Werkhoven wrote:
Hi list,

This is part of a script to manage accounts of a vsftpd server
It's called after an account is added, deleted or when a password
has been changed.
It's not immediately apparent to me why the script sometimes fails, but I've
been running vsftpd from xinetd for years on a busy site, so this sort of
thing is not needed. Any particular reason you need to run it standalone?

There's no reason not to.
(x)inetd is usefull when the resources are limited, and when it's
better to have a single process listening for incoming connections,
but in my server there are plenty resources for a stand-alone FTP
server and the other services too (openVPN, sftp, ssh, Postfix), so
why would I make it difficult with secondary xinetd process?
Anyway, this has nothing to do with the problem.

It has everything to do with the problem - if you run vsftpd from xinetd there
is no need to manually restart it when adding/deleting/changing user accounts.
In fact that's one of the main reasons we switched to xinetd. But, that
doesn't answer your question, so I will respectfully bow out of the discussion


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