re: [opensuse] Re: [opensuse-factory] 10.3 Review

Richard Creighton wrote:
Sid Boyce wrote:
Mentions of "for the uninitiated" sounds about right. To sidestep any
problems with the DVD, I've installed from Factory. Looks like the DVD
should have been delayed until it was compared with Factory for
I think the reviewer attempted to be fair (he points to the URL to
show where he is coming from). Perhaps some pertinent pointers for 11.0.
Sid. should be
MUST READING for management at Novell and at It is
eminently fair and for the most part, accurate. I think any
inaccuracies could be attributable to unfamiliarity rather than bias. If this reviewer hadn't been what I would call a 'Power-user', and had
instead been someone converting from Windows, not only would they
probably not have had a successful install, but would have an article
that Microsoft would probably have printed in full page ads throughout
the world. As it is, it should wake up Senior Management in SuSE.

Some of the problems, like the X resolution mis-match, are
just plain unacceptable. I immediately became leery of
RedHat when they went to their current business-model:
"We're going to focus our support on 'Enterprise' installations,
which we will sell at over $1000/DVD, and a "desktop" distro
to connect to them....and then the distro that MOST of you
want ... that is, light-server capabilities (a webserver
app or two, a couple database engines, etc in the distro) --
we're going to just punt support for that to the userbase
and call it 'Fedora'"

Not only did I quit buying from RedHat -- I quit USING RedHat,
too. I see that Novell's decision to imitate RedHat is
causing my worst fears to be realized with the SuSE distro --
the one distro that I want...which I'm willing to pay around
$100 US for... is not getting supported properly, and it's
sounding like, even for the cost of burning a download,
the value-proposition is somewhat iffy.

This is totally sad. I've been a die-hard SuSE fan since
the 6.x days, and I've forked over probably $400 over the
years for the various incarnations which are now the "opensuse"

And to tell you the truth, I would much rather CONTINUE
to pay $80 to $100 every year for a DVD which I know is
well-supported and has basic sanity checking done by someone
than to download something that was only checked in a
half-assed sort of way because NOBODY is geting paid to
make sure that even the basic installation process is
doing EVERYTHING that it's supposed to do -- such as
making sure that the X-server resolution matches the
desktop resolution.

There's a certain point where volounteerism doesn't quite
get the job done because dotting the i's and crossing
the t's on certain parts just isn't as "interesting" and
exciting as adding more features.

If SuSE wants to have a "loss leader" distribution, it
should be a 'desktop' distro (which used to sell for $20
to $40 less than the "professional" distro), not the one
which an overwhelming percentage of SuSE users are both
able AND willing to fork over cold hard cash.

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