[opensuse] sudo, and useradd

I am trying to setup sudo rights on a specific user (username: test), to
use the command: useradd

I have not used sudo before, and I played around with /etc/sudoers a
bit, but I keep getting the error:

useradd -c "JUST A TEST USER" -d /home/test -s /usr/bin/ksh
Cannot lock password file: already locked.

My sudoers file looks like this currently:


# create group LIMITEDTRUST with user test as a member
User_Alias LIMITEDTRUST=test
Cmnd_Alias PROGRAMS=/usr/sbin/useradd,/usr/bin/ksh

# members in the group LIMITEDTRUST are allowed to use sudo only with
the commands listed in cmnd alias PROGRAMS


I am using Suse SLES9.

What do I need to do / change to get user "test" to be able to use
"useradd" ?


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