Re: [repost] [opensuse] Looking for kdelibs3-3.5.7 for i586 for suse-10.1

Richard Bos pecked at the keyboard and wrote:

Op Sunday 02 March 2008 23:14:19 schreef Richard Bos:
I just overwrote a kdelibs3-3.5.7 library (connectionmanager) on a
suse-10.1 box, with a version from 3.5.1. I do not have a backup of this
file or kdelibs3-3.5.7 package, but perhaps you have?

If you do have a kdelibs3-3.5.7 (for suse-10.1_i586) copy around (or
perhaps you know a mirror that has it), I would appreciate it very much if
I could borrow it for second

is there anybody that can help?? BTW, only the files mentioned below are
needed (in total about 40kb).


Thanks a lot in advance,

Would this file be of any help?

Ken Schneider
SuSe since Version 5.2, June 1998
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