Re: [opensuse] Z-Machine

Kai Ponte wrote:
On Friday 28 March 2008 04:13:17 am James Knott wrote:
Kai Ponte wrote:
Just FYI - I got a z-machine program running. It is in Java, which is

Now on to play all the really good games. :)
One of these? ;-)

Heh - i was talking to a few friends of mine the other day. One works for Sun and is a mainframe guy, the other works for my retirement board and is one of the DBA's. (My company has 100K people, and a full-time retirement group with at least one - if not more - mainframes.)

The DBA had just come back from Brainshare where they were discussing the pathetic lack of marketing Novell does compared to other companies. They then digressed into Java on the mainframe - how IBM wants everyone to run Java on a Z-Series.

Well, according to both, this won't works because apparently in single-threaded and multi-threaded applications, mainframes do not process as efficiently per application as do PC's and Servers. I'm not sure why yet, but go figure.

Because mainframes are designed to run most efficiently in
batch mode, or at least very long bursts... i.e. minimal
context switching. Anything which requires frequent
context switching will run very poorly on a mainframe.

For example, many mainframes are set up so that the
minimum CPU burst is 500 ms or even more.

On a Unix or Linux machine, the MAXIMUM CPU burst is
far /less/ than that, or otherwise responsiveness
would be terrible.

Oh, and the big news from brainshare - apparently the
> safest way to run Windows 2003 is inside a Xen instance.

That's big news? At least you have some other OS at
least partially shielding it.

Sounds like "duh...."

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