[opensuse] two issues with with T61p/opensuse 10.3

I installed on my new T61p openSuse 10.3. Not exactly "out of the box"
but it works.

When wired I can get connected to internet, but when tried wireless - I
I can see all networks around my house and when tried to connect mine -
card is configured (Intel Lenovo Thikpad Card wlan-wlan0)
I know SLED works fine on T61p but WiFi, that's why I tried openSuse
I use KNetwork Manager.

on forums.suselinuxsupport.de, opensuse.us, suseforums.net and couple
others I saw many people have the same problem. But can't see any fix?
any help appreciated.

2. When connect USB drive get error message:
"hal-storage-removable no <(action, result)"
On google I found it's (was?) a bug. Fixs I don't understand.
One mentioned as fix Yast > System > /etc/sysconfig Editor > System >
Boot > RUN_PARALEL set as NO ?!?!?!



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