Re: [opensuse] Xen: Is it Ready?

Kai Ponte <kai@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 4/11/2008 8:47 AM >>>
On Friday 11 April 2008 05:25:51 am Donald D Henson wrote:

Has anyone used Xen running Linux & Windows on the same hardware?

I haven't done so myself, but I I did see at a Microsoft Launch Event a month
or so where they were showing off Windows Workstation 2003 running inside Xen
on SLES.

I've heard from Brainshare that the fastest way to run Windows 2003 is from
within Xen.

I'm fixing to go down that road here myself, we are upgrading our servers an plan to run SLES on both servers with XEN an have a mix of windows an linux vm's running on top of SLES. Granted we will also have netware util's an groupwise running on linux vm's.
I have heard that win 2003 runs faster on XEN then on a hardware server also.


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