Re: [opensuse] Dead motherboard? Disk ok?

On March 29, 2008 07:17:38 pm j.e.perry@xxxxxxx wrote:
I have a desktop with an Asus K8V-X SE motherboard. It recently stopped
booting, saying the hard drive failed smart tests.

But when I try to go into the rescue system to save my data, the installer
goes through the warning to save my data and replace the drive, then hangs
when it tries to load via82cxxx, even when I give the kernel parameter
"brokenmodules=via82cxxx", as the installer advises during boot.

So, is it safe to say my motherboard is broken, and the hard drive probably
ok? Or are the problems independent, implying that both broke at about the
same time?

John Perry

Hard drives are so cheap these days - a 750 GB SATA drive for about $120 -
that it's not worth futzing with an old drive - UNLESS you have data saved on
it you don't want to lose.

I'd run Spinrite against it first - it's a non-destructive drive repair
program you can get at

Some people have also had luck with taking the drive out and trying to read it
on another system.

You can also look at your SMART settings - see the article How do I make SMART
Reports stop? in o.o.s.-support-general-applications in novell newsgroups.

I rsync all my drives to a 750GB USB drive, myself, for that reason.

Robert Smits CEP525G

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