Re: [opensuse] Well, there goes any hope for ReiserFS 4....

Clayton wrote:
Why exactly are some of us so attached to Reiser3 and hoping for
Reiser4? There are other efficient journaling fs out there...

For me it is because I don't have to worry about a 3 hour startup
cycle aver 22 restarts or whatever the timeout is with ext3. That is
pretty much my only reason for using Reiser3.

That's your only reason? I have other reasons, mainly performance. I just did a quick and dirty "what the heck" filesystem performance test on my OS10.3 workstation at home, where I use reiserfs, but also have ext3 and xfs test partitions.

The test simply consisted of timing the copy of a dvd image to another partition.

The results are:

copy to ext3:
real 7m52.656s
user 0m0.268s
sys 0m20.870s

copy to xfs:
real 3m40.490s
user 0m0.213s
sys 0m12.132s

copy to reiser:
real 3m23.966s
user 0m0.226s
sys 0m19.417s

bleh, ext3 took over twice as long as either reiser or xfs.


Hasn't this been... "fixed"... for ext in openSUSE11.0 so that you do
not get a surprise 3 hour restart?

If ext doesn't do the automatic fsck thing is there anything else
really holding the vast majority of us to Reiser? OK, some need/want
Reiser3 or 4 for some very specific needs, but... aren't they a rare

Just wondering (as a long term and dedicated Reiser3 FS user) how much
of a "real" issue it would be if the Reiser FS were to die off....


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