Re: [opensuse] Well, there goes any hope for ReiserFS 4....

jdd sur free wrote:
Sloan a écrit :
jdd sur free wrote:

reiser *was* supported by suse.

You misspelled "is supported" - I've done a boatload of 10.3 installs on
reiser, by the book.

last time we had a reiser dev online, it was to state that he won't now continue.

Novell gives security support on reiser 3, what is probably no work at all, the file system being so old now :-)

and yes, you can use it, but I don't know what will be the result on 64 bits machine or terabytes hard drive

I've been using SLES 10 with reiser on a very busy 64-bit production machine that's been up for over 600 days in the data center. So, we do know what the result is, and that is rock solid performance ;)


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