Re: [opensuse] Well, there goes any hope for ReiserFS 4....

Carlos E. R. wrote:

The Tuesday 2008-04-29 at 10:40 -0700, Sloan wrote:

> That's your only reason? I have other reasons, mainly performance. I just did a quick and dirty "what the heck" filesystem performance test on my OS10.3 workstation at home, where I use reiserfs, but also have ext3 and xfs test partitions.

> The test simply consisted of timing the copy of a dvd image to another partition.


> bleh, ext3 took over twice as long as either reiser or xfs.

Now do the test copying 100.000 files of 200 bytes, and you will see a large difference ;-)

Oh sure, that's the strength of reiser... I just didn't realize it blew away ext3 that badly on big files too.

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