Re: [opensuse] Well, there goes any hope for ReiserFS 4....

At 10:01:14 on Wednesday Wednesday 30 April 2008, Basil Chupin
<blchupin@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Mike McMullin wrote:
On Tue, 2008-04-29 at 23:23 +1000, Basil Chupin wrote:
jdd sur free wrote:
Stan Goodman a écrit :
But the remarkable thing is that the man now has at least 25 years
of incarceration to look forward to, under circumstances that at
the very best will be exceedingly trying, and the only concern
expressed here is "what will happen now to ReiserFS.

THAT is the depressing part of it.

this is the only part is relevant to *this* forum. we don't either
have to know why his wife got killed...

Considering that she hasn't been found I cannot see how anyone can
claim that she was killed.....

They haven't found Jimmy Hoffa either. Lack of a body is not proof
one way or the other.

The assumption you are stating is that Hoffa's "disappearance" is
equivalent to him being murdered and his body somehow disposed of and
never to be found. Anyway, has anyone been charged and convicted of
causing Hoffa's "disappearance"?

In all probability, of course, Jimmy Hoffa's disappearance was not unlike
that of Mrs Reiser. The more significant difference is that traces of her
blood were found in Reiser's car. His reasons for why he threw away the
back seat of the vehicle ("to make it easier to sleep in"), and why he
was seen hosing down the inside of the car shortly after her
disappearance didn't satisfy the court. If you had snippets like those
(and others) as evidence against a Hoffa suspect, a similar verdict would
be handed down. You do not need a body to prove murder, as many
(including Reiser, apparently) believe.

Stan Goodman
Qiryat Tiv'on
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