Re: [opensuse] BCM4312 - How to get working

On Thu, 2008-06-05 at 14:49 -0700, Sloan wrote:
Rick Bilonick wrote:
I had SLED 10.1 installed, I upgraded to 10.2 and now the bcm4312
wireless card does not seem to have a driver. I called HP and asked for
a rescue dvd but could someone tell me using openSUSE what would be
necessary to get the card working again? I checked Broadcom's web site
and found the 4312 card, but there is no mention of any drivers (of any

I seem to recall that the 4312 doesn't have a working linux driver. I
have a 4311, which works perfectly, so I remember that 4312 issue from
some of the other postings here.

What most likely happened is that the card was set up with ndiswrapper
to use the windows driver when you got it. In any case, you should be
eligible for Novell support for that SLED SP2, and they can help you
through the setup of ndiswrapper.


I was able to install ndiswrapper and get the bcm4312 working again.
When I first received the HP 2133, I specifically checked to see if
ndiswrapper was installed and it was not. I only updated from SP1 to SP2
and I don't think SP2 would have deleted ndiswrapper had it been already
installed. I think that Novel or HP had their own driver. I'll find out
when I contact HP tech support tomorrow. (They are out of the rescue
disks until the middle of June.)

More good news - SP2 seems to be a big improvement - I'm actually using
yast2 to install software from an on-line repository (I was unable to do
this with SP1).

Also, I was not able to install blas under SP1 even though it was
included on the SP1 DVD. It needed libblas which was nowhere to be
found. Now I am installing blas (and a bunch of other things) and it
resolved all the dependencies (would not do this with SP1) although I do
not recall seeing a libblas. If I do get blas installed, I may have a
shot at installing R. And if I at least get R installed, it won't be
necessary to install Fedora 9.

Rick B.

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