Re: [opensuse] Microsoft Office Keyboard

On Tue, 2008-08-05 at 22:19 +0200, skx wrote:
I am trying to configure Microsoft Office Keyboard.

I have tried simply choosing it in YaST's Keyboard Layout and 3rd party
lineak and keytouch (which is better) but can't get the scroll and most
of the shortcut-keys to work properly. Also the reaction to cut/paste is
annoyingly delayed.

How to configure this keyboard to work with openSUSE 11?

I have tried to get the scroll working, along with the application
switch keys, but they don't send events to xorg. If you run 'xev' in a
terminal, then try the keys on the keyboard you will get the keycodes
that are sent to Xorg. The special keys on the Office keyboard don't
send any events.

I did once install KeyTouch which has a definition file for the Office
keyboard, but I couldn't seem to get anything extra to work. YMMV.

Let the list know if you do get anything going.



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