Re: [opensuse] GUI SSH Client

On Saturday 16 August 2008 12:27, Andrew Joakimsen wrote:
Is there a GUI ssh client I can use? On Windows I use putty. I
constantly have to use SSH tunneling and I know it can be done in the
commandline but I prefer to use GUI client.

There's scarcely a difference, is there? I mean, you have to have a
terminal emulator running.

Anyway, if you install kssh, it integrates with Konsole to add an SSH
session definition and supplies a helper dialog that makes it easy to
specify all the SSH options (the one part where a GUI is meaningful, I
suppose). Kssh also remembers the sessions you've connected and all the
settings you used to make them (it even knows all the distinct user
names you used to connect to each host), freeing you from having to
re-enter all those details each time. The other difference when
creating a Konsole session (using kssh) that directly establishes an
SSH connection is that you don't have a superfluous shell sitting
around just waiting for the SSH process to terminate.

Randall Schulz
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