Re: [opensuse] Need help!

On Sunday 24 August 2008 04:27:49 pm Chuck Payne wrote:

Thanks, your help was what I was needing. I have install the
dd_rescue, and I have found this page that explain how to recover my
files and remove that bad sector too.


Man, dd_rescue ROCKS!. I was able to get my data with it.  I use this
dd_rescue -A -v -b 4096 /dev/sdc2 /mnt/backup.img. That took about
3hrs for 5gigs. Once it was done, I ran reiserfsck --check
/mnt/backup.img, it came back clean. Now, I got mount -o loop
/mnt/backup.img /backup. Thanks again for the help.

Reiserfs was mentioned in this paper:
as oversensitive to errors making sometimes situation worse than it actually

There is from same Google search:
It is a bit old.

Regards, Rajko
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