Re: [opensuse] Re: Certification for SUSE - does it exist ?

On 2008-08-25T12:58:54, "David C. Rankin" <drankinatty@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Too bad there is no CentOS-style distro in the SUSE world :(

That could exist, if someone wanted to.

It's quite clearly not in Novell's interest to do. We prefer people to
update, and get the most recent distribution - best user experience, all
bugfixes, etc. We clearly don't want people to get hacked running SuSE.

Alexey brings up a perfectly valid point. As James recently discovered
looking for apache modules for 10.0, there is no reason that the repos
should be pulled for past releases and users should have to google for
obscure servers still holding a copy. Even if each release was 250G in
size, that is just the cost of a $50 dollar hard drive at its most basic
level for the release + updates + snapshot of last build-service packages.
I haven't checked, but I would wager that the total storage required for a
past release + update + build-service even for x86, x86_64, ppc, etc. isn't
more that 25G.

If that's so cheap, somebody could have just done that and hosted it
somewhere. ;-)

That isn't (community+LTS) but it is a great improvement over
the present disappearing version model for suse. The arguments
against that have been offered (drive space + bandwidth) don't
hold water in the days of mega drives and broadband.

They hold for our calculations. If someone else wants to host, that's a
different matter, but not one which we need to become involved in.

Something logical to consider to eliminate the frustration of "I
need this 10.0 package, and it's not there.." problem. Something
to consider...

Yes. We look forward to your contribution; afterall, it's only $50. ;-)

For us, it simply doesn't make sense. We don't want people accidentially
installing old versions, or running versions for which security updates
are no longer available. We would be ill-advised to contribute to that,
in my opinion.

But if others feel different and disagree, that's fine.


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