RE: [opensuse] sftp, howto chroot users to their home directories

On Thu, Aug 28, 2008 at 1:14 PM, James D. Parra <Jamesp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I set up secure ftp by editing sshd_config and tried using 'sftp' to log
but found that I am not locked into my home dir. How can I chroot users
their home dir's sftp or an sftp client? On another note, is there an sftp
server that folks recommend?

Thank you,

Sftp is an ssh connection.
Once they have ssh connection they can access anything that
they could access if they were signed in locally.

They can download anything they can see. So you have to manage it
with permissions.

However, it sounds to me like you are up the wrong tree barking.

If you want FTP use FTP. You actually have more
control with a typical ftp server. If you wouldn't trust them to ssh into
your server you shouldn't allow them to sftp into the server.

I wouldn't agree with that. Outside clients want the security of sftp and I
would want them locked into their home directory without the ability of
'cd'ing up the dir tree and into other client's home directories. Simple ftp
does not offer a secure connection.

There must be a way to accomplish this.



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