Re: [opensuse] Can't boot 10.3 after 11.0 install -No ideas ? Please?

* Bob S <911@xxxxxxxxxxx> [01-01-70 11:34]:
On Tuesday 02 September 2008 18:25:36 Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* Bob S <911@xxxxxxxxxxx> [09-02-08 17:46]:
During the boot up process it fails and dumps me into maintenance mode.
It says "FSCK failed for at least one filesystem. (not /)Then to do it
manually and reboot.

I shutdown and then did an fsck on the entire filesystem. (All three
drives) Didn't help. Now the funny thing is that 10.2 and the new 11.0
boot OK and every fstab is exactly the same.

you don't reall mean this? all three fstabs are the same? They
cannot be, addressing three different systems!

Hi Patrick, Thanks for replying.

Yes, I do. That way I could access any file on any system. Worked just fine on
10.2 and 10.3. If I can't cure it I will try modifying the fstab files.

More explanation is necessary. You cannot have all three systems
using the same root and the same /var, and .... And you said that you
did not share /var....

Thus the three fstabs *must* be different. Please explain

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