Re: [opensuse] my midnight commander has lost some functions

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Patrick Shanahan wrote:
try: mv ~/.mc ~/.mcBackUp

start mc and see if the functions have returned.

if mc now works properly, copy the files below ~/.mcBackUp back one at
a time to ~/.mc until you find the culpret, delete the culpret and
continue until well done. Then remove ~/.mcBackUp

If that doesn't do it, ??

There wasn't a .mc until I actually ran it. Only view and edit are not working. Bzip and tgz files open on enter or
mouse click but f3 gives the error cannot spawn child process if one of those file types are selected. F3 on a text file
or an rpm does nothing. F4 also has no effect but mcedit works as a standalone.
Dave P

zypper in vim (in other words, install vi)

Or F9 and change to use internal editor.

(install vim _anyways_, I don't know how these distribution builders can think a system without vi, cu, cpio etc... can be considered a sane unix system. It's like thinking you don't need cp because users only use kde or gnome file manager to copy files.)

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