Re: [opensuse] Can't play my dvd's any more

John E. Perry wrote:
Masaru Nomiya wrote:

# gmplayer &

gives you this result. Just do;

# gmplayer

Ah. I've been in the habit of adding the & so I didn't lose the command
line when the program started up. Leaving it off, I get a fully
functional mplayer.

In fact, "fully functional" was an exaggeration; it responds to my mouse
clicks, now. More below.

But this shows no files under /media except .hal-mtab-lock, which is
what konqueror shows -- and now that I think about it, konqueror also
showed a dozen or so files under a couple of directories when I inserted
the dvd last Thursday.

And this is the remaining problem: mplayer no longer displays
directories and files from the dvd, just as konqueror doesn't.

BUT, I explored the mplayer menus, and found that although the file
dialog and playlist show nothing at all, if I use the dvd->titles item,
I get a list of

title 1
title 2

--just the string "title" as above, no names. And if I click on any of
the "titles" (even though I can't see the names), mplayer plays whatever
is in that file.

So I'm now at the point that I can play my dvd's, but I can't see any
directories or playlists. I just need to fish blindly around and find a
file that has some video.

In the course of playing with menus, I found that the video decoder
selected was xv. There were half a dozen others, among which was gl2,
the opengl multiple textures version. I selected it, and my
pre-existing problem from a previous thread, poor color rendition, was
solved. Video is now beautiful.

So, I'm way ahead of where I was Friday. Thanks a lot, Masaru.
jfweber, I'll gradually try the experiments you suggested. Maybe
they'll solve the rest of my problems, if you guys don't see the
solution immediately from what I've said so far.

Also, I tried kaffeine, and it just says it doesn't have a plugin to
decode the dvd.

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