[opensuse] Understanding hardware OS specifications


I am investigating replaceing my outdated Marconi ADSL modem router
with this item http://trendnet.com/langen/products/proddetail.asp?prod=170_TEW-435BRM&cat=3
from Trendnet.
The website indicates that this unit is Windows, MAC and UNIX
compatible but not specifically Linux ciompatible. I have checked the
HCL at opensuse and have not found the unit. Trendnet seem to be very
pro Linux as further digging on their site under support brought up an
OS compatibility list where Linux and not UNIX was listed.

My question is:

Can a person seeking hardware that will work on Linux make the partial
or complete assumption based on the operating systems the unit does
support that the specified unit will or will not work on Linux.

If hardware is marked compatible for Windows and is an internal unit,
it is more than likely a softmodem and will only work on windows
If hardware is marked compatible for Windows and is an external unit,
it is possible that it will work on Linux, but might require /etc
If a unit is marked as compatible for MAC and is internal, would it
work on Windows and MAC but noton Linux? What would hapen if theunit
were an external one?
If the unit is marked as compatible with UNIX, I assume it will work
with Linux and the other operating systems mentioned before, wheter it
be internal or external.

Can definitive rules be made about hardware based on the above method
or does the hardware only gain points in favour of working with Linux
depending on its requirements or is potluck still the best option?
Given I will be accessing the unit via a wire and Firefox from Linux I
would assume there shouldn't be any hassles as web browsers don't
communicate that differeintly when addresssing hardware from different

Any hardware gurus thoughts?

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