Re: [opensuse] Network does not start automatically nor manually after reboot (openSUSE 10.3)

On Thu, Sep 25, 2008 at 10:08 PM, Nino Novak <nino@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
thanks for your detailed description, my ifcfg-eth0 is pretty similar, but
this is not the problem as the connection is always established quickly and
stable - but only if I start 'yast network'. I even can abort the module
right after initializing it. The connection seems to be activated through
mere module starting.

But no chance to get it started without yast. Yast's network module start
seems to trigger connection establishment.

After this initial trigger I am able to ifdown and ifup the connection
deliberately. But I can't get it work without entering yast.



Don't know type of your Toshiba, but does it have an on-off switch for
wifi that always off when it reboot?
It happens also on my friend Acer notebook. He always go to yast every
time he boot to connect to wifi. Seems like the kernel doesn't
recognize the switch. It is not happens in my Compaq laptop.

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