Re: [opensuse] Upgrade to OpenSUSE 11

Ray Madigan skrev:
I had a machine hard drive go south so I upgraded that machine to opensuse
11. I have other machines in my lab and I want to upgrade them from 9.1 to
11.0. I have tried to find some information in the documentation, but I
couldn't find a thread. My highest priority is to have smooth running

Is it better to start from a bare hard drive and reinstall everything or to
upgrade the current installation if this is even possible?

Will it keep all/some of my applications/settings?

If the answer is written somewhere point me near it and I will ferret out
the answer myself. I appreciate your help.


Generally, a "clean new install" is (in my optics) preferable to any upgrade. It's easy to keep most settings, bookmarks and all if the existing install has a separate /home partition. This way, one may elect to new-install - reusing (i.e. NOT formatting) the /home partition.

If one doesn't have a separate /home partition, you could "rsync -avz" the entire /home to some external storage, then new-install (partitioning with a separate /home for future installs...) and hence copy the home files back into place. Not elegant, but it has worked for me.

Perhaps some others on the list??

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