Re: [opensuse] ccsm problems

Michael S. Dunsavage wrote:
On Tue, 2008-10-14 at 03:06 -0500, David C. Rankin wrote:
but everything is still a
cube. Is there something I need to do in ccms for everything to take

What I meant was the ccsm settings are not taking effect.

Aahh... XGL isn't didn't nuke ~/.config/compiz

You mean you check the settings and (1) it unsets itself or (2) do you mean
that none of your settings are saved?

Either way I would try moving (I delete) ~/.config/compiz and let compiz
rebuild its config files when you start it again. You will have to set your
preferences in ccsm again, but with the changes between 0.7.6 and 0.7.8 the
recommendation was to remove ~/.config/compiz and ~/.emerald (I didn't have to
remove emerald, but I did have to delete ~/.config/compiz) Give that a shot and
report back.

Also, I prefer fusion-icon for starting/stopping and accessing ccsm and
emerald settings. If you haven't tried it, give that a shot as well. The icon
will end up under your "System/More" menu. Then, a simple right-click on the
systray icon will allow you to start/stop/reload/launch ccsm and emerald
controls and select between kde and emerald decor without having to type all
the kde --replace &, etc.. commands from Alt+F2 or konsole.

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