Re: [opensuse] Getting Rid of postfix and exim on my laptop

Anton Aylward wrote:
Carlos E. R. said the following on 10/22/2008 08:07 PM:

See header:

Er... in openSUSE, mailx was introduced about 2 or 3 years ago, and it is a MUA, mail user agent, aka mail client, that replaces the traditional "mail". It is not a local delivery agent.

See "man mailx".

Sorry, I'm showing my BSD4.2 and SYSV-R4 roots :-)

As for "thousands" of syslog entries - that also means cron would be
producing thousands of emails.
I don't mean that.


SuSE is designed around certain design considerations, certain scripts are included and supposed to work, and they need certain programs and services to be installed.

I understand "dependency".
I also see "coupling" where coupling need not exist.

You can configure that. Its the logrotate configuration.


The delivery doesn't have to be by mail - though it could with local
delivery. I could be by a message sent to a window or a pop-up.
Certainly not! It would not work for headless machines or text only machines, or machines where the administrator is not logged it.

Indeed. Which is why SWATCH and other syslog watchers can pipe to
various destinations - SMS, pager... whatever. It doesn't have to be a

The point is to uncouple.

More to the point, use of syslog integrates better with enterprise-level
tools that consolidate reporting. I've installed these in banks and
telcos; all the syslog gets routed to a central server and a database
where it can be sliced and diced and used to produce pretty graphs or
management, trend analysis, incident tracking feeds to ITIL .... and
much more.

Yes, I think piping syslog into Oracle is heavy stuff, but when you're a
bank coordinating an IT staff in the hundreds and need management and
tracking tools, this is the kind of thing that gets lapped up.

The issue here is that by not having strong coupling this becomes an
option where the user can define where the results go.

The issue here is that if cron and others are not bolted in to mail then
they don't have to deliver notification by mail. if I *do* want to
receive notification by mail I'll set that up with SWATCH.
I really hate all these dependencies that arise out of lack of
consideration of alternatives.
Then perhaps you should design a distro with those premises >:-)
Why? I'm not in the business.
Then select another distro that does it your way :-)

You may have time to try out all the distros; some people are paid to do
that. I'm not.

A simple code change uncouples a dependency.
This thread started on with people complaining about a number of
dependencies. SUSE has got rid of dependencies that other
distributions have - why not keep up that good work. Not all
dependencies - yours and others - are actually necessary.

If I hadn't replaced Mandriva with SUSE then I could probably find more
examples; examples of dependencies your don't have that Mandriva does as
well as ones you have that Mandriva doesn't. I'm sure other people who
have experience with other distributions can offer their own examples of
dependencies SUSE doesn't need to have.

So lets not obsess about CRON, OK?

Its worse than that though. If you remove cron a whole cascade of problems crop up.

In the end I downloaded the rpm and querried the files for postfix and ran a script to just remove them by hand.

It's just unbelievable and I can never tell what Yast will do. It wasn't always like this. You used to have more control
up to and including 9.3

Every SuSE Desktop host needs a SMTP and the port open? No, obviously they don't.

Unless we point this out and ask or it, its not going to happen.
Then ask for it officially, in Bugzilla.

Thank you. Where? (Remember, I'm new to SUSE)

I say "I'm not in the business" and I mean that. I don't have the time
to do the level of re-engineering for an "Anton's Distribution". But if
the guys at Novell pay attention and decouple many more things like
this we can all benefit.
I don't think that will happen. Fortunately (IMO)! >:-)

I'm a little alarmed by that kind of statement.

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