Re: [opensuse] desktop bg color with KDE4 and no plasma

On Wed, 5 Nov 2008 12:37:14 +0100, Sven Burmeister
<sven.burmeister@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Maybe you shoudl not use unstable, because it is - unstable. Have you tried
with a new user or at least moving plasma's config files?

Thanks for the feedback Sven. I know unstable is dangerous, and thus
was not complaining about Plasma itself. It has been improving steadily
on the whole!

Since the desktop = plasma and the background being part of the desktop, this
is not possible.

But isn't there something responsible for the background color, still ?
It becomes black every now and then (entirely, so this is not some
random filling apparently), although when I move windows the area that
becomes visible is grey.

Actually, it seems that
xsetroot -solid black
might just do the trick, if anyone else is interested.

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