Re: [opensuse] Mozilla - Acrobat plugin using Lots of memory High System Load?

On Wednesday 05 November 2008 19:11, David C. Rankin wrote:

I noticed that my laptop was really warm and the fan was working
very very hard. Checking top, the culprit was:

10059 david 20 0 1767m 1.1g 4016 R 52 60.7 21:47.38

Evidently this has something to do with Adobe Acrobat 8 which had
been called by Mozilla firefox during browsing. This is the first
time this has happened. What's going on? Anyone else caught by the on
11.0 x86_64?

I've seen such symptoms on a 32-bit system. It's possible there's some
sequence of opening PDFs in the stand-alone app and in the browser that
sets you up for this or some particular property of the documents
viewed, but it may just be a random (-ish) bug. I do know that I've
seen this even it appears that Firefox has shut down.

What in the heck is this thing doing trying to reserve 1.1g of

Why do people hoard things??

David C. Rankin

Randall Schulz
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