Re: [opensuse] What does the 11th file permission bit (+) mean? "-rwxrwx---+"

David C. Rankin schrieb:
What in the world does the "+" at the end of the permissions mean?
These are files which have set additional ACLs. (man 5 acl)

For example use getfacl to list them.
Found it, but this is bizarre! In 8 years of running samba, in stand-alone
mode, I have never had this occur before. Now, somehow from WinXP, my legal
assistant was able to set something (not intentionally mind you) that I hadn't
seen before. (perhaps she is a closet hacker) I found the setfacl --remove-all
command that gets rid of this, but I'm still left wondering WTF happened?

That's usually intentional. One reason why ACLs were introduced is for
Samba usage to allow what Windows allows by setting per user access
lists to your samba shared files.
You can for example turn ACL support off on Linux filesystem level by
using "noacl" as mount option.

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