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Dave Plater said the following on 11/12/2008 07:13 AM:
Joop Beris wrote:
On Wednesday 12 November 2008 10:24:35 Dave Plater wrote:

Ok so k3b works properly now? That was one main reason for my dropping
of KDE4 for KDE3.5

Nope. Tried to burn a simple CD with yesterday and it wouldn't do it. "Can't
open for writing". And that was that. That space was in the original error by
the way, not a typo.

Started K3B from KDE 3.5 in my KDE 4 session (I have both installed), and it
burned the CD like a charm.


I'm surprised k3b hasn't been fixed yet maybe kde4 users don't use it

It works for me ...
Well, OK, the one that came with the 11.0 liveCD didn't.
But I've updated since then ... currently running


and just burnt a stack of CDs. Do remember to load the codecs etc.

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