Re: [Bulk] Re: [opensuse] booting to command line instead of desktop

dwain wrote:
On Tue, Nov 18, 2008 at 10:49 PM, Patrick Shanahan <paka@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

go to the console, switch to runlevel 3 and reinstall the driver, will
it correct my error and boot into the kde desktop?

yes/maybe/probably, but more information is necessary to be sure.

How did you install which nvidia driver?

i did the one-click install on the opensuse site from the new driver
link since i didn't find my geforce fx 5200 pci on the legacy card

Usually when trying to solve a problem, you would announce the
openSUSE version and architecture, and detail the steps that caused
your problem and any particular hardware that might be interesting,
such as the video card.

i am using opensuse 11.0, with updates, so i think the kernel is 0.18.
i was in runlevel 5 when i did the update. the graphics were fine
after the update. i then ran yast2 and and ran sax2 to check things
Once you have installed an nvidia driver, don't alter video settings
with sax2, use, in kde anyway, menu > system > configuration > nvidia
IIRC you can init to runlevel 3 and run nvidia-xconfig and that may
start x working again, otherwise the runlevel 3 sax2 -r option given to
you earlier should get you back to square one, then repeat your one
click install and don't use sax afterwards.
Dave P

before the update the 3d accelerator was disabled and after the
update it was checked. i saved the settings (don't know why), exited
yast2 and rebooted the machine. everything was going along fine until
on loading the os the screen went black and then the opensuse logo
along with the loading indicator line showed through the black screen
and then i ended up at the command prompt.

i hope this helps. i knew i should have gone into the the terminal
and run init 3 before the update. why i didn't do it i don't know. i
guess i thought it would be ok to do it from where i was. at least
after the update it didn't look like i did any harm.


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