Re: [opensuse] Java toolkit on Linux

G T Smith wrote:

Hmm... I would suggest one should install and use Eclipse or Netbeans
and import the files into a project in these IDEs a lot of the
dependencies will probably disappear as they are part of the JDK and IDE
environment. (e.g. ANT is a default component of Eclipse for Java
Development and I think Netbeans).


There is this great (I think) weekly newsletter that has had a number of
eclipse articles in it over the course of the past several months (along with
articles on linux, apache, ajax, java, general open source, php, gcc, bash,
mysql, etc..) The newsletter is put out by IBM Developer Works. I think this
link will get you some general information:

The recent eclipse links (with topic area) are:

Create stand-alone Web services applications with Eclipse and Java SE 6 (SOA
and Web services)

Mastering Eclipse V3.4: The Eclipse workbench (Open source)

Equinox p2 cures Eclipse plug-in headaches (Open Source)

Start creating and editing Eclipse code templates, and give your productivity
a boost (Open source)

Write native iPhone applications using Eclipse CDT (Open source)

And those are just the eclipse articles that have been included in the
newsletter in October and November. Along with the articles, you are provided
with download links to all the applications (Eclipse, etc..) and the source
code for examples worked during the tutorials in most cases.

The IBM developer works site also has a wealth of Linux and open source
articles and tutorials organized into Top-10 lists and by subject matter.

There Linux area is a great browse if your looking for a particular subject as
well (see):

The linux tutorials index is:

Take a look, you just might find something interesting.

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